Behind the Scenes: Photo Session Playlist: The Down Side

September 04, 2019  •  1 Comment


013_AuntJjana bw013_AuntJjana bw Almost everybody gets a little nervous during a photo shoot.

One thing that's good for mellowing out is an easy-on-the-ears soundtrack.

The links below are snippets of some of my favorites.  Ready to dive in to the entire playlist?  Click here.



1. Gabe Dixon, "All Will Be Well"
When Gabe tells me everything's gonna be all right, well, I just believe him.

2. Madeleine Peyroux, "Don't Wait Too Long"

Man, this is lying-in-bed-on-a-Sunday-morning cool.  If you don't know Madeleine Peyroux, do yourself a favor and check out this entire album.


3. Old 97s, "Question"

Sometimes, songs about happy things sound a little bit sad.

4. Mike Doughty, "Fort Hood"

Mellow song with a little groove to it.


Let the sunshine in.

ease into the room cropease into the room crop


5. Sea Wolf, "Middle Distance Runner"

The cello line alone makes this song for me.

Also good:

"you'll have to run to me tonight

tonight I will love you forever

but I'll only ever be

a middle distance runner"


6. David Wax Museum, "Every Time Katie"

One of many songs that I like because they sound like they were written for my sister.

(Hi Katie)

7. The Weepies, "Ever Said Goodbye"

I've only just discovered this band.  But every song I've heard from them so far has been a tiny gem.


8. Mipso, "People Change"

Is this song too sad?  Maybe it's too sad.  But there you have it.




9. The Magnetic Fields, "All My Little Words"

The Magnetic Fields are one of those bands whose songs other musicians love to cover.  But I'm starting to love them for their own sake.


10. Josh Rouse, "Quiet Town"

The man who's now my husband introduced me to the music of Josh Rouse..

(It's not the reason I married him.)

You could drop into Josh Rouse anywhere in his body of work and find excellent songs. Here's one.

12. Josh Ritter, "You Don't Make It Easy Babe"

Josh Ritter is the Josh that I introduced my husband to.

(Marriage is all about balance.)

He's a poet as much as a songwriter.


14. Greg Brown, "The Way My Baby Calls My Name"

This might be a bit groovier than the others.  But it's terrific, and nobody's more chill than Greg Brown.

Mmm, I love my mellow playlist.  It makes for a relaxed, happy shoot.

Have some chill-out music that you love?  Bring it with you and we'll chill out together. :)


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Great post, there is no need for getting nervous for a photoshoot.
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