Here we are, all of us humans, running around on the earth.


Thinking about whether the car needs gas, what time we're

supposed to show up for the school recital,

whether there's any chance of rain tonight.


Every now and then, we stop.  And if we're paying attention, we notice

that here,

surrounding us all the time,

is beauty.

I want my photographs to make you stop more often,

and be reminded of the beauty in yourself,

in the ones you love,                                                                                                                  Photo by the excellent Ashleigh Taylor Portrait, Santa Barbara, CA

in the ancient stories

of the wild human heart.


We're not here for very long.  Let me be your guide,

and we'll stop time for a moment or two.                                                                             


What story would you like to tell?  


Let's Begin v2, bwLet's Begin v2, bw

My location in Cheverly, Maryland, is convenient to

Washington, DC, Baltimore, and Northern Virginia.