Behind the Scenes: Photo Session Playlist: The Up Side

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007_Diane007_Diane When I was young and tender, entire friendships were made or broken based on what radio station you listened to.  Sad story: I'm a li'l insecure about my music choices.  But, I love my studio playlist so much, I'm ready to share!

Don't judge.

These links are just snippets.  Ready to dive in to the whole playlist? Click here, and rock out.

And now, some great songs for lifting the energy in the room.


1. Lake Street Dive, "You Go Down Smooth"
Oh my god.  I just discovered this song, and I can't stop listening to it.

Pour yourself a stiff one and enjoy.

2. The Avett Brothers, "Kick Drum Heart"

So sweet and drummy and groovy.


3. King Charles, "Mississippi Isabel"

Cutest, jauntiest little song in the universe.  When my then-5-year-old heard the lyrics, he said, "But Mommy, that's SAD!!!!"

She kissed me once / I took her out for lunch / and she never kissed me again

Too true, Hal, too true.  But if this song doesn't make you feel happy, I'll eat my hat.


4. Moon Hooch, "Number 9"

The way the story goes, the excellent Mike Doughty discovered this band playing on a subway platform in New York City, and took them on tour with him.  Which is how my family discovered The World's Greatest Instrumental Song to Rock Out To.



fun and relaxed_1 cropfun and relaxed_1 crop
5. CeeLo Green, "Forget You"

An obvious choice, perhaps.  But it does what it came here to do.

6.  Bill Withers, "Use Me"

The first time I heard this song, I couldn't believe I hadn't known it all my life.

7. Hanson, "MMMBop"

'Member that time when I said, "Don't judge me?"  That might come in handy right about now.


8. Florence & the Machine, "Shake It Out"

This came out in, say, 2011, and I heard it for the first time last month.  Guess I was busy raising babies or something.

This is my kind o' thing.


9. Mark Ronson/Bruno Mars, "Uptown Funk"

I knew a whole cadre of middle-aged women who were groovin' in their kitchens to this one when it came out.

Guessing we weren't the only ones.

10. Kate Nash, "Pumpkin Soup"

I never heard of this artist before or since, but that Spotify algorithm did the trick for me.


12. Spoon, "The Underdog"

Terrific, where's-the-downbeat chord progression in the chorus here.


14. Justin Timberlake, "Can’t Stop the Feeling"

Happiness!  Happiness!!  Love! Love! Love!  And dancing!!!!!!

070_Caroline, color, print070_Caroline, color, print


I love my studio playlist!  And my clients love it too.  It's part of how we keep the shoot fun and happy.

Got your own great music you can't live without?  Bring it!  I'll hook you up.  :)


And I'd love it if you'd leave a comment below to recommend some music for me to add to my list.


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