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Image 1: By the Front Door
Image 2: Start of Hallway
Image 3: Exam Room 1
Image 4: Exam Room 2
Image 5: Exam Room 3
Image 6: Phlebotomy
Image 7: Restroom
Image 8: Triage
Image 9: Doreen's Room
Image 10: Vision and Hearing
1 - By the Front Door, 30x30Start of Hallway, 2 16x24 images, total size 24w x 34hExam Room 1, 3 12x18 images, total size 18h x 46wExam Room 2, 3 12x18 images, total size 26h x 38w, v2REPLACEMENT - Exam Room 3, 3 16x20, total size 56w x 20hOption 2, Phlebotomy, 16w x 20hRestroom, 15h x 30wTriage, 2 12x18 images, total size 18h x 26wDoreen's room, 20h x 30wREPLACEMENT - Vision and Hearing, total size 12h x 36w