My Studio

One of the very first photos I made in my studio. Baby in Flight.

I love my studio. It's located in the basement of my house (which sounds kinda depressing but is actually kinda awesome), in the quiet and neighborly town of Cheverly, Maryland.

Cheverly is easily accessible from the Baltimore-Washington Parkway (Rte. 295), Rte. 50, and Metro's Orange Line.  Once you've booked a session, I'll provide my address and directions.  In the meantime, if you're curious about your travel time, enter the tiny town of Cheverly into your navigation app, and that'll get you awfully close.

So, if you don't mind stepping over a scooter or two that my kids have left out in the yard, I'd be happy to welcome you to this cozy place in my home, where we'll have fun making a few pictures.