Teresa Castracane Photography | Cinderella, the Remix - Bowie State University

Here's the gallery of photos for Cinderella, the Remix, performed at Bowie State University in April of 2017. Options for using these photos are below. I've done my best to provide artist-friendly options! Please let me know if you have questions.
  • Watermarked digital images: $0 Select the image you want by clicking on it; then use the Buy button, and you'll find the price for Low-Res Web Images, Watermarked, set to $0. By downloading these images at no charge, you agree to leave the watermark visible and intact.
  • Low-resolution digital images, no watermark: $11 each Retouching is not available for these.
  • High-resolution digital images (for printing & for web use): $59 each When you order one, I'll provide it to you with no watermarking, and can provide retouching if you request it. Credit to the photographer is required wherever these images are used, whether they are watermarked or not. Prints of all sizes are also available, again, without watermarking.

If you need any help, please drop me a line directly at Teresa@TeresaCastracane.com.

For more info about headshots, family photography, and more, please visit me at www.TeresaCastracane.com.

001_Cinderella, the Remix copy002_Cinderella, the Remix copy003_Cinderella, the Remix copy004_Cinderella, the Remix copy005_Cinderella, the Remix copy006_Cinderella, the Remix copy007_Cinderella, the Remix copy008_Cinderella, the Remix copy009_Cinderella, the Remix copy010_Cinderella, the Remix copy011_Cinderella, the Remix copy012_Cinderella, the Remix copy013_Cinderella, the Remix copy014_Cinderella, the Remix copy015_Cinderella, the Remix copy016_Cinderella, the Remix copy017_Cinderella, the Remix copy018_Cinderella, the Remix copy019_Cinderella, the Remix copy020_Cinderella, the Remix copy