Welcome to the public gallery of images from The Taming of the Shrew, produced by Chesapeake Shakespeare Company in the summer of 2013.

You can buy prints at various prices; high-res digital images are $50 apiece. Low-res digital images, for sharing electronically, are FREE!! All I ask is that you credit the photographer when you post. Thanks in advance.

001_Shrew 2013002_Shrew 2013003_Shrew 2013004_Shrew 2013005_Shrew 2013006_Shrew 2013007_Shrew 2013008_Shrew 2013009_Shrew 2013010_Shrew 2013011_Shrew 2013012_Shrew 2013013_Shrew 2013014_Shrew 2013015_Shrew 2013016_Shrew 2013017_Shrew 2013018_Shrew 2013019_Shrew 2013020_Shrew 2013