Here's the gallery of photos for Charm, performed by Taffety Punk Theatre in May of 2014.

Low-resolution digital images (suitable for web-sharing, but not for printing) can be downloaded from this gallery for free. Use the Buy button; the price will be set to $0. The image you download will be watermarked with my copyright, as seen here.

High-resolution digital images are also available for $50 apiece; when you order one, I'll provide it to you with no watermarking.

Prints of all sizes are also available, again, without watermarking.

Please contact me directly if I can be of any assistance.

001_Charm copy002_Charm copy003_Charm copy004_Charm copy005_Charm copy006_Charm copy007_Charm copy008_Charm copy009_Charm copy010_Charm copy011_Charm copy012_Charm copy013_Charm copy014_Charm copy015_Charm copy016_Charm copy017_Charm copy018_Charm copy019_Charm copy020_Charm copy